Achieve Test Prep operates an inexpensive, fast-track program designed to provide live classroom-based training to help students achieve their RN certification through a credit-by-examination approach. Offering online and in-person courses, Achieve Test Prep caters to a variety of different types of students, including individuals not currently enrolled in any studies, students already in a traditional college or university program, and those already taking a self-study online bridge program.
At Achieve Test Prep, the path to accredited Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) and RN certification involves six simple steps. Step one includes an evaluation, during which Achieve Test Prep’s educators and program operators review each candidate’s collegiate history to determine which past credits will count toward their degree. In step two, students enroll in any test-prep classes they still require for their ASNs. The students then complete their courses through a flexible schedule in step three. Meeting once a week for 4 to 10 weeks, each class lasts for four hours and is offered online or in person during the day, night, or weekend at one of Achieve Test Prep’s training centers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri, or New York. Students may also accelerate their training by enrolling in two classes per week.
Before Achieve Test Prep students can start making more money as skilled RNs, they first must complete three exams in steps four through six of the program. At the conclusion of each test prep course, students will take an official test-out exam. Upon passing, they will receive college credits for the class on which the test is based. Achieve Test Prep students possess, on average, a 94 percent passing rate for these exams. In step five, they must complete a clinical assessment. After successfully finishing the clinical assessment, the students will officially hold nursing degrees. Finally, in step six, Achieve Test Prep will help them prepare for and pass their required state National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) exams, which are required before they may practice as RNs.


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